imagesnews Workflow

Often a website contains news with a theme or certain facets to be highlighted. Each news item is naturally assigned a certain image that reflects that particular focus. Due to adblue media’s sophisticated picture-selection system, photos are automatically alternated to give substantial variety.

The Same Theme but not the Same Picture

Like the linguistic presentation of news, images can also be unique and expressive. adblue’s resourceful image-matching system quickly identifies language including metaphors, expressions, and word-plays. These linguistic innuendoes are then accentuated with matching motifs that highlight your news.

Finishing Touches

Regardless of whether news consists of a few sentences or long texts, the proportion of the image must be appropriate. adblue media’s software catches the reader’s eye by adhering not only to the content, but also to the form. It therefore adjusts itself perfectly to the length of your news.

Long and Detailed or Short and Sweet

Graphic designers may have trouble coming up with fresh, new and interesting images, especially for corporate news. Our sophisticated image-matching system accesses an abundance of pictorial compositions from our extensive archive for global, publically traded companies. In addition, our automated graphic-design programs can create fixed content, including company logos and fascinating new images.

Originality Instead of Redundance

High quality news content also requires high quality images and a consistent visual language.

Our archive contains only those images from ambitious photographers. Through our diverse data-bank system, adblue media will also ensure that all images placed on a website have a unified aesthetic.

Picture Style and Imagery

A new CEO for Deutsche Bank? An important speech from the US foreign minister? Resignation rumours from a major manager? In financial news, it's also about the people behind the numbers….Whether it’s a regular in the public eye, or a newcomer to the financial world: we bring news to light.

People in Focus

Whether a country hosts a conference or a city holds a referendum on a Euro bailout, our image archive contains appealing photos for every conceivable place in the world. We’re waiting to illustrate interesting news from exotic places!

Countries, Cities, Places

Was there a call for a strike? Did the Federal Employment Agency release new statistics? Is a foundation involved in a bribery scandal? The right photo could effectively illustrate breaking news, bringing it to full effect.

Government Agencies, Offices, Institutions, Associations

Rapid share prices, merger announcements, changes in top management ...

Our images bring your readers closer to the companies you report about.


Pesticides in soups, Nivea now available for dogs, or the first CO2-free Porsche…Whatever it is you report, whether a brand or a product, you can now bring them to life through adblue’s images.

Brands and Products

Marketing woes for the automobile sector, strikes in the catering industry, construction industry hardships in the winter – Put a spotlight on industries using our images.


News reports are not all about people and companies, it’s also about general themes. Whether it´s news related to the dollar, anticipatory moods of the spring, or discovery of a new pathogen, our photo archive is prepared to deliver the right image for anything and everything.

Special Themes